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About JMC

JMC, from Detroit Michigan is the rap artist we have been waiting for, with a new authentic style and a grizzly voice that speaks volumes and gives you non-stop enjoyment, you are in for an amazing journey with JMC or should I call him Bankroll J. 

JMC's Story

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan Joshua Lynn May better known by his stage name JMC is a Rapper, Dancer, Producer, Engineer, Innovator, Entrepreneur ,and Businessman. Joshua began his musical journey at the young age of 10. Before Josh began rapping, he was a poet, a deep one at that. Josh focused his poetry around strong metaphors and deep connections to people, objects, history and popular subjects. It was from the popularity of his poetry that a rapper was born. Joshua's Poetry lead him to become a rap artist; he literally would take poems that he had written and match them with instrumentals he found on the internet and rap to them. In 6th grade Josh had his first live performance, his middle school was hosting a fashion show to model new clothes trending in the urban areas and highlight local clothing stores.He lit the stage on fire, showing no fear at all he become one with himself and the crowd and had the room in a complete uproar begging for more of him. His fresh and trending style only added to his hype, a guy with good fashion causes major attraction. He continues to improve upon his rap skills and develops his taste in music and entertainment. This eagerness for knowledge lead a 16 year old boy to do something you wouldn't even think was possible for someone his age and status. JMC is hardworking at the early age of 16 founded his own record company which was previously identified as Music is Life Entertainment but now it carries the much more deserving name of Intertwined Entertainment. The purpose of JMC starting his own label was to help expose other talented artist and build an empire which would change the music industry forever. Currently at 19 years old and a current College student at Michigan State University , JMC is building up his buzz and constantly working to grow his empire, his name has been floating through the streets and his influence is growing at a rapid pace, before long he will be a household name. Humble, focused, and determined, this young man has a bright future ahead of him in the music industry and a promising career in whatever direction JMC chooses to go in next. I guess we'll just have to what and see what another amazing things he has in store for the world. #BankrollGANG      




JMC's Newest banger, an expressive to think about how to fuck bitches and get money